Akülü Forklift

Akülü Forklift TMX 13 / 15s / 15 / 18 / 20x

Elektrikli Forklift 100 % AC 36/48V
Tri-Wheel Multi-Tire Lift Truck

TMX 13 2,500 lbs 1250 kg
TMX 15S 3,000 lbs 1500 kg
TMX 15 3,000 lbs 1500 kg
TMX 18 3,500 lbs 1815 kg
TMX 20x 4,000 lbs 2000 kg

 The CLARK TMX Series electric three-wheel lift truck is designed to handle the most demanding industrial applications. Its compact size and tight-ratio steering make it highly maneuverable. Powerful induction motors make it responsive. A large operator’s compartment and un-cluttered floorboards make it easy to operate. A tight turning radius allows operation in more confined areas than four-wheel models. Capacities up to 5000 LB allow the CLARK TMX to perform where other trucks can’t.

Operator Comfort / Convenience

  • Low step height
  • Steel step plates and grab handles on both sides
  • Low-effort hydrostatic power steering
  • Easy reach hand applied parking brake
  • High visibility uprights
  • Tilting steering pylon
  • Dash display with operating and diagnostic information
  • Planned Maintenance Alert

The large operator’s compartment, low step height, slip-resistant steel step plates and grab handles make entry and exit from either side of the vehicle easy. The high visibility upright and longitudinal bar design of the overhead guard combine to provide optimum visibility in all directions. The TMX is equipped with a seat belt, CLARK safety wing seat and battery restraint system to help protect the operator. Lift/lower, tilt and auxiliary function levers are conveniently located on the cowl. The levers are offset from the seat centerline so the operator’s right hand naturally falls on the levers. The steering wheel is offset to the left, also placing it in the correct position relative to the operator. A dash display provides continuous battery status, hour meter and a wide range of operational and diagnostic codes. A lift interrupt circuit assists in protecting the battery by disabling hydraulic operation when the battery is approximately 80% discharged. Hydraulic cushioning provides smooth, quiet staging of the upright.

AC Motors

  • 100% AC system
  • All motors are totally enclosed
  • High torque drive motors provide high draw bar pull and gradeability

All motors used on the TMX are brushless induction motors, known for their simple yet rugged design. By eliminating brushes, CLARK has made brush changes a thing of the past and the motors no longer have to be pulled from the truck for the commutator to be turned. All motors are totally enclosed to seal out contaminants such as dust and water and are equipped with a temperature monitoring device that signals the control to cut back power should motor temperatures ever approach their limit. Thermal protection is standard on all motors, as are encoders that provide accurate speed feedback to the control. The heavy-duty drive motors produce outstanding draw bar pull (up to twice that of some competitors), allowing the TMX to ascend grades that were once only negotiable by internal combustion trucks.

Electrical Controls

  • AC Traction and Pump Controls
  • Drive system stall warning
  • Three forms of regenerative braking: accelerator pedal release, brake pedal actuation and reversing of the directional lever
  • Ramp start and controlled roll-back features
  • Accurate speed control
  • High acceleration rates and rapid reversal of direction possible
  • Fully adjustable to meet your specific needs
  • Advanced thermal protection system
  • High operating efficiency

Every TMX comes standard with a hydraulic pump control and fully proportional lift. The pump motor only spins as fast as the operator requests, expending only the needed energy. All controls are sealed so they are environmentally protected and frame mounted high off the ground behind the counterweight for protection. The controls have low audible noise, improved acceleration and most importantly, increased operating time per battery charge. Being totally solid state controls, there are no forward, reverse or bypass (1A) contactors to service or contactor tips to replace. The standard motor encoder allows vehicle speed to be accurately regulated even under varying load and operating conditions. Regenerative braking maximizes energy returned to the battery. Self diagnostic capabilities of the control and storage of status codes aid trouble shooting and minimize downtime.

Drive Line

  • Reliable “plug-in” drive motor design
  • Drive axle housing supports pin mounted upright for reduced lost load

“Plug-in” drive motors with heavy mounting flanges mate the splined armature shafts directly to the axle assembly for positive alignment, improved heat dissipation and reliability. The intermediate gear shaft extends inward providing an accessible location for the disc brake assemblies.


  • Responsive pre-reduction disc brake
  • Long service life

The Carlisle brake system has two disc brake assemblies located externally on the inboard side of the axle housing for easy access. This design provides smooth and responsive braking as brake torque is multiplied 23.4:1. Long brake life is also a benefit. Easy reach hand parking brake mechanically actuates both service brake assemblies.

Hydraulic System

  • Hydraulic valve has adjustable flow control to accommodate attachment needs
  • Quick connect port allows convenient pressure check
  • Continuous fluid filtration
  • O-ring face seal fittings reduce leaks and are easily serviced

Continuous fluid filtration within the power steering system, a 25 micron return line filter and a 10 micron filler cap/breather combine to provide maximum filtering efficiency. The tilt cylinder’s design allows intruck packing replacement.


  • Quiet operation
  • Full hydrostatic power steering

High maneuverability is achieved with steering angle of up to 90 degrees and proportional reversing of the inside drive wheel in tight turns. The outside drive tire powers the turn while the inside tire is powered in reverse, enhancing traction on slick or wet surfaces. The heavy-duty steer axle mount with tapered roller bearings provides high durability.


  • All-roller construction reduces friction and energy consumption
  • Lateral side-thrust rollers on the fork carriage reduce friction caused by offcenter loads
  • Full I-section inner and intermediate rails provide maximum section strength
  • Uprights accommodate 3/8 inch I.D. internal hosing for auxiliary functions requiring high flow rate
  • Hydraulic cushioning on primary and secondary cylinders

CLARK standard and triple stage uprights feature nested rail construction with cylinders behind the rails giving improved operator visibility. Tilt cylinder mounts are self-aligning to minimize side loading on cylinder rods for increased seal life. Hydraulic counter-balance valve in tilt circuit is designed to prevent cavitation. Load lowering and flow limiting control valves regulate carriage lowering speed, even in the event of a line failure. ITA Class II carriages with upset forged hook type forks with retainers.


  • Manufacturing
  • Bottling
  • Warehousing and Shipping

Features and Options:

  • 100% AC System
  • Compact maneuverability allows tight turning radius for use in narrow aisles and confined areas
  • Non-polluting, quiet operation
  • Responsive, pre-reduction disc brakes
  • Hydrostatic power steering
  • Variety of lights, alarms and other options are available
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