Dizel Forklift

Dizel Forklift C 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 GEN2 Serisi

Dizel forklift Diesel pneumatic 
Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck

C20 4,000 lbs 2000 kg
C25 5,000 lbs 2500 kg
C30 6,000 lbs 3000 kg
C35 7,000 lbs 3500 kg

The C20-35 series from CLARK marks a further highlight in the reliable, durable and powerful forklifts of the premium Gen2 series. Lower operating and maintenance costs combined with a well-designed and ergonomic operators compartment are what makes this forklift truly unique. The sturdy „Built to Last“ upright and a robust construction with no thin metal or plastic components means these forklifts are suitable for use under even the toughest conditions.

Driver‘s Compartment

The driver accesses his ergonomically designed compartment via a large, low positioned perforated non-slip metal step. A grab handle on the drivers side of entry makes it easy to climb up and down. A full width rubber floor covering in the footwell prevents slippage. A rubber isolated operator cell provides a quiet, comfortable and spacious environment for the operator.

The adjustable steering column (38°) with spoke steering wheel and an easy-to adjust, yet comfortable CLARK seat together with impressive leg room allow perfect adaptation to any driver.
Automotive style foot pedals and fully directional cowl-mounted control levers with international symbols avoid confusion for any operator.
The operating data is displayed in real-time on the clear display. A low front cowl and ingenious narrow profile arrangement of the chains and hoses on the upright ensure a wide field of vision for the driver. An ideally positioned foot operated parking brake, completes this driver‘s compartment.

Engine, Transmission

The CLARK C20-35 forklifts with LPG, gasoline or diesel power enable excellent acceleration and high driving performance. A Yanmar 4TNE98 diesel engine with 44 kW at 2500 revolutions per minute is just as impressive as the LPG propelled Mitsubishi 4G64 with 2.4 litres.
The standard engine for the C35 LPG powered truck is the powerful 2.4-liter HMC LPG-Engine. The engine is also available as an option for the Clark trucks C20/25/30. The HMC engine meets the emission standard Tier4 and includes 3 way catalytic converter as standard.
An Optional 3-way catalytic converter is also available for other LPG engines. Both engine versions are connected to a proven CLARK own TA30 single speed, full reversing, powershift transaxle with high stall ratio industrial torque converter, full-floating drive axle, and drum/shoe brake. To protect your investment, the temperature of the engine and transmission is constantly monitored and in the event of design limits being exceeded the engine is automatically switched off.

All engines comply with EU directives ensuring low noise and exhaust emissions.

Brake system

A drum/shoe brake ensures a reliable high level of safety. Low effort service brake ensures that the work is undertaken in a relaxed and stress free manner with full focus on the task in hand. A stress free comfortable operator, works always at his peak ensuring optimum productivity over the complete shift.

Steering system

The hydrostatic power steering eliminates steering Kick-Back ,makes steering easy and reaches full lock with just a few turns of the steering wheel. The steering axle has pivotal bearings mounted in rubber steel elements. The spherical bearing mounted short tie rods are adjustment free and guarantee precise and continuous driving in a straight line. The double acting steer cylinder ensures precise and direct steering. The axle kingpins are mounted in lubricated tapered roller bearings for long service life.

Hydraulic system

A full-flow reverse filter, filters the oil to the tank at each reverse flow. Rough particles are filtered directly via a suction filter, thereby preventing them from entering the oil circuit, ensuring a long service life for all hydraulic components. A high-capacity pump provides adequate oil supply for the upright and the hydrostatic steering. A priority distributor ensures steering priority in all conditions. Load handling is controlled via a load sensitive-response and precise control valve. A safety valve provides extra safety and prevents an uncontrolled lowering of the load at all times.


The clear-view uprights are available in Standard, Hilo and Triplex versions(only C20-C30). The heavy duty interlocked narrow profiles provide high strength even under the heaviest load. Adjustable sealed canted (Angled) rollers minimize deflection particularly when handling off-set loads.
The tilt cylinders are mounted in spherical bearings. This consequently extends the service life of the complete cylinder by preventing premature leaks due to cylinder rod deflection. An integral tilt-lock valve prevents unintentional tilting of the upright when the power is off. The heavy duty tapered forged forks with hook mounting are adjustable and locked by individual pins.
An hydraulic dampening system reduces impacts and vibrations during the transition between the individual lifting sections in raising and lowering, thus protecting the products and extending service life. The sturdy 6-roller fork carriage with adjustable side thrust rollers enhances the durability of this design, preventing carriage “Jamming” when handling off-set loads.

Additional standard equipment

  • Front headlights
  • direction indicator lights
  • combination rear lights with brake lights and white reversing light
  • pneumatic tyres
  • paintwork in the bright safety colour “CLARK Green“
  • driver‘s compartment and upright in black, rims in white

Additional equipment

  • SE tyres
  • wide drive
  • dual drive
  • Non-marking tyres
  • heated cabs (with single or folded doors)
  • integrated or hook on sideshifts
  • various other attachments
  • fuel cap lock
  • quick-release couplings
  • various seats
  • acoustic reversing alarm
  • and much more


The C20-35 series is CE certified and corresponds to all European safety standards for forklift trucks.

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