Elektrikli Transpalet

Elektrikli Transpalet CPTP 20 ac

CPTP20ac Elektrikli TranspaletC PTP 20 ac
2,0t capacity

Individual, flexible and certainly the best solution

No matter for which application you may need a pedestrian operated truck. With our extensive product range of stackers you will always have the right truck for your materials handling needs. We offer the right solution for every industrial application from occasional use up to the most intensive.

CPTP20 ac - powered pallet truck with platform:

The CPTP20ac with AC technology (AC) and folding platform, ensures powerful and high performance. Designed for transporting loads over long distances, and for loading and unloading at the ramp and in the container. A platform damping system minimises vibration when driving and on a ramp.

Charging technology:

Energy and cost saving charging technology provided direct via the CLARK factory. 
Integrated chargers are available for many models. By the availability of high frequency chargers, electrolyte circulation and water refilling systems - you always get exactly the charging technology you need.

Elektrikli Transpalet Elektrikli Transpalet Elektrikli Transpalet



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